Happy Birthday Garden Museum!

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A year ago today we opened our doors to the public. It seems like only yesterday, but what a year! Highlights have included Alan Titchmarsh in conversation with Beth Chatto, the Jardin Plume Journal, 100 more Friends joining, building the Magazine Space and creating a new-look shop, the best Spring Plant Fair ever with over 800 people attending, an amazing autumn events programme with almost every event selling out, a symposium in the snow, delivering gardening starter kits to all the primary schools in Lambeth, our volunteers being as wonderful as ever, creating the post of Horticultural Intern, three inspiring exhibitions and a new sound system.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make all this (and more) happen and to all those who have supported us during the past year. May we continue and prosper.


Apple Tree Planting Photo Special!

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On Tuesday the Staff Gardeners were out in force planting a row of small apple trees in the border between The Allotment and Lambeth High Street; each is a different Old English Variety in order to add interest and to extend the season.

Holes were dug, boots got muddy, fun was had and leafy beauties were given new homes. May they grow strong and be (literally) fruitful.


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Janine has been teaching younger members of those families visiting at the weekends to make delicious winter treats to warm the proverbial cockles.

Janine hasn’t actually been warming cockles (they being proverbial), but rather cooking apple crumble, using the new Education Space facilities.

Here is Luca, the Director’s son, happily making crumble mixture.